Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™

Mechthild Maczewski, CAIEHP, PhD.

Individual Sessions

All sessions are gentle, holistic and empowering.

What to expect during a session

1. Goals & Intentions

At the beginning, we discuss your unique health goals and intentions for the session(s). I bring an authentic, compassionate and supportive presence to every energy session to create space for you.

2. Biofield Balancing

This is followed by a fully-clothed energetic table treatment (also possible in a chair), which entails: an assessment scan of your energy centres and biofield; the placing of hands on (or off) the body to facilitate healthy energy flow; and checking in with you during the treatment to ensure we are proceeding at your comfort level.

3. Debrief & Integration

Afterwards, we have time to debrief your experience. We finish our session with the teaching of resilience building and selfcare tools that you can integrate into your daily life to assist in maintaining and expanding progress made within our sessions.

Calming.  Soothing nervous system.  Reduction of anxiety between visits. I had an emotional “block” in my PTSD counselling, trying to work through a particular issue/trauma that was preverbal.  There was a noticeable shift in one session when we worked on this.  The memory/feelings came up without being overwhelming.  In the days after, I had a counselling appointment where I was able to work with this issue and make some big emotional shifts that have been sustained in subsequent weeks.

— D.H.

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Rates for Individual Sessions

Single Session

  • Alignment of energy flow
  • Deep relaxation

Duration: 60-90 minutes.
$80.00 (sliding scale possible)

Multiple Sessions

  • Deeper inner and body awareness work
  • Stronger support through more frequent energetic ‘tune-ups’

10 percent discount on 3 or more sessions.

Inner Align Package

  • Commitment to healing process by completing 7 x 90 minute sessions in 2-3 months
  • Ongoing support for integrating and sustaining treatment effects
  • Deeper and stronger connection to your inner core
  • More time for debriefing and teaching of self-regulation skills


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